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This story is based on a fictional star worshipping civilisation.

As with many of my concepts, I bring a wide range of inspiration together to create something new.

References to indigenous tribal tattoos / Pagan symbology / celestial charts / Star systems / Ballet / Matador

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Star Child

Dedicated to my late uncle Alexander McQueen, this short film explores the concept of the cycle of creative energy which is passed down through the generations.


Japanese Modernism - LIFE

With a vibrant modernist palette and Japanese fantasy bird subject, this story is a celebration of Life.  Influences are drawn from masked Highwaymen, the eastern arts and the Modernist movement.


Carved Ivory - DEATH

This Story is a nod to the Victorian era, a time of British colonial expedition and fascination of Ivory. However beautiful one would think to own a piece of Ivory, this subject highlights the impact and lasting effect this trend has had on endangered species and the price that has been paid for possessing such beauty.


Moonlight Serenade - REBIRTH

This is a story of Rebirth and the cycle of creative energy.  A celebration of femininity with Influences of dark matter and the theory of relativity visualised as an other worldly entity.