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Gary James McQueen, Creative Director

Gary James McQueen was first introduced to the fashion industry by his late uncle Alexander McQueen, who mentored and inspired him to be the artist he is today.

He was employed as head textile designer for the Alexander McQueen MRTW in 2005, experimenting how artwork could be applied in various ways, and that working with the silhouette of clothing, he could develop a niche of optical-illusion textile design, constantly pushing himself and the boundaries of what could be achieved using a 3D canvas as the basis.

Gary James McQueen worked alongside Alexander McQueen up until his passing in 2010, and was trusted with many personal projects including the Chrome Skull artwork, which has become iconic as the face of the Savage Beauty Exhibition commemorating Alexander McQueen's life work.

Upon the passing of Alexander McQueen, Gary James McQueen felt personally compelled to continue his uncle's legacy and family heritage.

Taking influence from his late uncle and also using the instinctive qualities that run in his blood, he continues to establish himself and the Gary James McQueen Brand, which he believes encapsulates the McQueen spirit.


The Legacy, Moving to the Future

The Wolf's Head insignia was adopted from the McQueen Coat of Arms and modernised by Gary James McQueen, whilst maintaining a respect of its heritage. 

The Gary James McQueen Brand strides to using only the finest fabric and finishing techniques within its products, and each artwork is meticulously designed with a story or spirit in mind.

"My artwork has to have some form of emotion or a soul attached to it. I am a very theatrical person and so this is something very important to myself and also the life of the Brand. This factor is what separates a Gary James McQueen product from any other luxury brand on the market'.